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We remain open and can be contacted by phone and email as usual.

In view of the recommendations of the health authorities, we have decided to avoid physical meeting as much as possible, unless this is absolutely necessary.

Many things can be done by phone and email, but in addition to this we offer that meetings are held via Skype.

This information will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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Lawyer Thomas Refning Poulsen


The Law Office of Thomas Refning Poulsen is located in Herning in central Jutland. The law office was founded in 2002 and has ever since helped private clients as well as companies with all kind of legal problem statements.

We provide services for private clients in the entire country regarding everything from testaments, prenuptials and marriage agreements to buying and selling real estate, insurance matters and divorce.
For companies and institutional clients, we can accompany you with debt collection, contracts, mergers and acquisitions as well as litigation and arbitration. We represent our clients in court and before state bodies, prepare legal opinions, give consultations, prepare documents and statements.

The Law Office of Thomas Refning Poulsen does furthermore employ a Polish law assistant to help Polish clients in Denmark or Danish companies in Poland. We do also work with other law firms in Europe, if we do not have the ressources to assist you.
If you want to learn more about the Law Office of Thomas Refning Poulsen, please visit the About page here.
Go to our Offer page, if you want to learn more about which field of activities we can assist you with, and visit our Prices page to see the prices of our services.

Please contact us via the contact box, by phone or email.

Lawyer, Thomas Refning Poulsen