The following services are settled at fixed prices:

The prices are inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of taxes to the state, which are:


  • 300 DKK a will
  • 1.850 DKK prenuptial agreement
  • 1.850 DKK plus 0.6% of the purchase price when buying real estate


In cases and for services that cannot be settled for a fixed fee, the following principles are applied:


  • time used
  • the value of the case
  • the outcome of the case
  • the importance of the case to the client
  • the responsibility associated with the matter


When starting the case, you always receive an order confirmation in which the task is described. In this order confirmation, you will also be informed of the price if it is a case where we can specify a fixed price, or if the case is settled according to the principles stated above.


In cases with a fixed price, you often only pay when the case has been concluded, but we are entitled to demand advance payment of a deposit and payment on account.