Prenuptial agreement in Denmark – ægtepagt

En mand og en kvinde med blomster krammer

Writing a prenuptial agreement – ægtepagt may be important from the point of view of the family life. The agreement can be signed both before and during the marriage.


  • when you are planning to marry;
  • if you have children from the previous relationship;
  • if you are running a business and you want to secure your property in case of insolvency;
  • if there is a considerable difference in the worth of the property of the spouses;
  • if the spouses want to secure their property in case of divorce;
  • if you are not married but you own a real estate or any other kind of assets with your partner, you may also sign an agreement to secure your possessions separately in case of breaking up – this kind of agreement between the two non-married is samejeaftale or samlivsaftale.


The cost of the registration of a prenuptial agreement is 1.750 DKK. See our price for preparing this document here.

It is in your interest to invest in writing the document to avoid complications. Hiring a lawyer who will prepare a prenuptial agreement for you is a guarantee of its accuracy and the assurance that your interests will be protected.


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